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One of the main reasons we offer this masterclass is to help you become a better advocate for your health or your loved ones’ health.

So many of our clients and past viewers have told us that they often leave their doctors’ offices with more questions than answers, or they don’t know what to ask for because they don’t know all of their options.

This masterclass series aims to clear the air and give you as much evidence-based knowledge as possible to help you make better decisions about your lifestyle, give you more confidence to talk with your doctors, or offer better support for your loved ones.

Plus, Dr. Villanueva is an acclaimed authority on holistic healing and brain health and has poured her heart, soul, and nearly a lifetime of learned wisdom into the Your Brain & Mental Health Masterclass. 

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“I am absolutely loving this Masterclass, and it makes all the difference that you are genuinely wanting to help and inform others. I love that it is all backed by science, but the way it is presented and taught is done really well and is what makes this Masterclass so unique & special. Thank you for offering this 5-Part series for free to view as well, it is so amazing that it can be accessible to people who want to learn more.”
– Terri E., August 2023

My wife watched Dr. V’s masterclass and she started to share what she learned from Dr. V and all the case studies. She suggested to us to join the program to see what are the real causes for our health issues. We prayed about it and decided to give it a try.

 I made a great amount of progress in my first year, noticing much improvement in my body pain, learning to eat healthier, and enough improvement that I decided to work with Dr. V’s team and program for a 2nd year to focus on my wellness and optimization now.

– Nancy A., December 2022


“I found Modern Holistic Health through a free webinar on Inflammation that was posted on my Facebook feed. I was very impressed by the information and much of it was in line with my own research on inflammation. I was able to make an appointment/consultation with Ann to speak to her about my health challenges. Within months of the seminar and consultation, I decided to join Modern Holistic Health.

By the end of the first year, I was so surprised by what I had accomplished under the guidance of my coaches including Ann and Rosita and one of their intern coaches, Haleigh.

I have learned so much and have made so many changes…all working towards healing my gut. The major improvement is bringing my A1C down into the 5.5 to 5.8 range down from 12,9…without drugs […]”

– Randy M., October 2022

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Get exclusive insights into the minds of two top holistic health and brain experts with these bonus episodes.

Uncover additional perspectives, techniques, and inspirations that can powerfully complement Dr. Villanueva’s teachings in your healing journey.

Audio Version of the Your Brain & Mental Health Masterclass Series

Tune into the audio version of the Masterclass during your daily commute, while you work out, or even as you relax in the evening.

Absorb this life-changing knowledge in a way that fits seamlessly into your everyday life!

Searchable Digital Transcript of the Your Brain & Mental Health Masterclass Series
With a fully searchable digital transcript, you can swiftly revisit key topics, quotes, and protocols that resonate with you. It’s the perfect tool for quick reminders and deeper reflections.

Companion Integration Workbook

Consider this your practical guide through the Your Brain & Mental Health Masterclass Series!

Complementing Dr. Villanueva’s teachings, this printable workbook includes note-taking space, reflection exercises, and actionable tools.

Use this guide to enhance your understanding and engagement, and turn your Masterclass experience into a personalized, immersive healing journey.

Dr. Villanueva’s 29 Protocols for Common Conditions Guide

This invaluable resource offers precise, high-quality supplement recommendations to address a spectrum of common conditions, like sleep issues, cold and flu, upper respiratory infection, and protocols for common conditions like ear infections, UTI’s, food poisoning, and more.

Dr. V has provided direct links to all of the supplements you’ll need if you want to follow these protocols, making it easy to get the support you need without having to vet out supplement brands or piece together an overload of information!

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Dealing with chronic health issues, mental health conditions, unresolved trauma, and painful emotions is hard enough. We want you to feel completely confident and secure in your decision to invest in the Your Brain & Mental Health Masterclass VIP experience. That’s why we offer a Test-and-Apply, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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Regular Price: $197

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