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Can we offer you a 30-minute private visit instead for an extra 20% off?

We know investing in your health can be a tough decision to make if you’ve been trying to address the same chronic health concerns over and over again with little to no success…

So if the full investment is holding you back from getting the personalized support you need, or you’re not quite sure you need a full 60-minute visit, I want to give you another opportunity to say YES at an even lower price. 

If you act now, on this page, you can book your virtual Brain Restoration Practitioner Session with Dr. Villanueva’s team today for the reduced price of just $149 (not available anywhere else at this price).

Again, this closed-door session is your chance to ask questions your doctor hasn’t been able to answer, or you’ve been too afraid to ask…

Questions like:

Could some of my chronic symptoms be from food sensitivities, allergies, or overexposure to environmental toxins?

Why do I have a hard time controlling my emotions, anxiety, or depression when there are seemingly no circumstances causing my distress?

Why are my mood swings so unpredictable and hard to control?
“How come I struggle to concentrate
and remember things that happened recently, or
remember things about my past?”
Why don’t my symptoms respond much to therapy or medication?

Here’s What to Expect During Your 30-Minute Visit:


Get Functional and Genetic Testing

To understand what’s making you sick, we order a variety of functional and genetic testing based on your unique concerns, which allows us to find which “systemic engines” are not working properly in your body and what’s causing your body to be sick. 


Receive Your Plan of Action

Restoring and maintaining your health is not just a short-term protocol – it’s a lifestyle.

Once we establish a clear plan of action for optimal healing, it is our #1 priority to help you execute that plan and incorporate it into your daily lifestyle.

…This way, you’re held accountable to your personalized protocol and supported through any unforeseen challenges along the way.


Optimize Your Plan of Action Based On What’s Working and What’s Not

Unlike traditional medical settings, we want to know every last detail about what’s working for you and what’s not — even after we give you your plan.

Healing is the first step of the process, but our goal is to help you reach an advanced level of optimal health… and your data will tell us exactly what to do to help you get there.

Utilizing the most advanced functional and genetic testing, we can optimize and upgrade your health and performance, prevent disease, reverse rapid aging of the brain and body, and even enhance vitality and stamina.

…No matter how long you have been living with mental health-related conditions.

Because until you eat, exercise, and live for your genetic profile, you still haven’t unlocked your body’s full potential!

How It Works…

Once you add this session to your order, you’ll see a link in your purchases for you to schedule your session.

During your session, you’ll sit down face to face with one of our compassionate, expert, and seasoned practitioners on Dr. Villanueva’s team (you may even sit down with her personally!) – this session is conducted virtually on a video chat, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home for this appointment.

You’ll have 30 minutes to get your most important questions answered and for your appointed medical professional to assess your current state of health.

Since this is a completely virtual, 100% private consultation, you don’t have to worry about running into anyone you know in a crowded waiting room…

Or someone hearing you in a room next door.

Our #1 priority is to help you overcome your greatest health challenges in the most comfortable, effective, and efficient way possible.

…That is also supported by proven science and data collected from your body.

We are simply the “translators” between your genetic code and your body’s ideal state of optimal health.

Here’s What People Are Saying About the Support
They’ve Received From Dr. Villanueva And Her Expert Team

Able to come off anti-anxiety & antidepressants
“Dr V is a true lifesaver. I’ve been working with her for six months now and have been able to come off of three antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs. I can’t think of a better provider to be on my health journey with!”
– Cassie B.
Finally addressing the root of the problem
“Good work people! Glad to see someone is addressing the root of the problem finally. Keep going, and may you touch thousands of lives.”
– Greeta C.
Lost 20 lbs., symptoms reduced by 50%, and better sleep

“By finding the root cause of my symptoms, Dr. V and her team have been able to help me tremendously! I tried so many different doctors, specialists, and treatments over the past 5 years and never found relief until joining this program.

In less than 6 months, my symptoms have reduced by more than 50%, I’ve been able to get off of sleep medication (the first time in 10 years), I’ve lost 20 pounds, and I KNOW that I am on my way to continuing to improve my mental health and my chronic illness issues for good!”

– Meagan R.

Because of the personal, undivided attention we give each and every one of our 1-on-1 sessions, we are only taking a small handful of appointments. 

That means once the timer on this page hits zero, your offer will expire.

Jumpstart your healing process with a 1-on-1 30-Minute Brain Restoration Practitioner Session

$187 $149

(You Save 20% on this page only!)

(Lab tests not included)