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Top Holistic Health Expert Exposes the Biggest Lies About Your Brain & Mental Health in This Groundbreaking 5-Part Series

Watch Dr. Elena Villanueva reveal the most overlooked root causes of brain-wasting diseases and how her natural, data-driven approach has helped over 5,000 people take control of depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s.


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Brain-wasting diseases and mental illness are on the rise. Here’s what our doctors aren’t telling us…

Every day, millions are diagnosed with conditions like ADHD, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, or depression, only to be dismissed to a lifetime tethered to medication and therapy.

In fact, one in eight U.S. adults now takes an antidepressant(1), while one in five has recently received some kind of mental health care(2).


  • Suicide rates have risen by about 30% since the year 2000(3)
  • Almost a third of U.S. adults now report symptoms of either depression or anxiety(4)
  • And as of late 2022, only 31% of U.S. adults considered their mental health “excellent,” which is a stark 43% decrease over the last 20 years(5).

So even as more people turn to therapy and medication for brain and mental health issues, we’re seeing rising rates of depression, anxiety, and overall mental decline.

In other words, what we’re doing isn’t working…

And that’s by design.

Even though new research is exploding with proof that the right holistic approach can reverse most brain and mental health struggles…

Big Pharma and the AMA (American Medical Association) ensure that only their money-making treatments are discussed.

While millions suffer, Big Pharma and the AMA work hard to suppress safe treatments that actually work because these approaches are outside their narrative…

Since they can’t profit from natural protocols, they’ve fostered a system of complacency in medical communities that puts profits ahead of people’s lives.

Need proof? Just take a look at how much we pay for healthcare overall.

Americans pay almost 4 times the price paid in other wealthy nations(6)

And pharmaceutical industry profit margins are almost three times the S&P 500 average(7).

They aren’t being honest with us – they want to keep cashing in by keeping alternate solutions out of the public eye…

No matter how many lives get put at risk.

But there IS hope…

When you join me for my FREE 5-Part Masterclass Series starting July 21st, 2024, I’ll show you how to take back your brain and mental health using proven holistic strategies that have now helped thousands of people worldwide.

New studies reveal a frightening link between neurodegenerative disease and developing mental health conditions like Parkinson’s Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other “brain-wasting” conditions…

And although it may sound scary, the good news is that by understanding that this link exists, we can now get to the root cause of these life-altering diseases to manage, prevent, and even reverse them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80…

You CAN heal, and I have six years’ worth of case studies to prove it.

This is what people are saying about
Dr. Villanueva’s holistic approach…

“My adult son had depression, suicide ideation, and OCD for most of his life, and I was concerned for his well-being and safety. After a year in Dr. V’s program, all his symptoms went from severe to almost none, and he finally was able to come off his Zoloft! I am just over the moon and thankful to God for guiding me to this beautiful soul, one who is very knowledgeable in her data driven science, one who has a heart for helping others, and one who has a beautiful vision that all people deserve to be well… Love you so Dr. V.!”

– Debbie K., December 2022

“Thank you, Dr. V, for your amazing program, and thanks to all the staff at MHH. I thank God for the miracle that happened! I have my son back, and he can move on with his life now!”

– S.K., SEPTEMBER 2022

My depression has lifted and I’m happy again! It’s so weird and wonderful to catch myself smiling for no reason :). I had lost my fun and optimistic personality but now it’s back and My energy is much better too!! Also I had not danced in years but now i am going to swing dancing this Saturday night with my husband –he is blown away with my progress! I am so thankful for this program – thank you Dr. V and the MHH team!!

– E.M., July 2023

I spent 4 years attempting to meditate and failing. My time with MHH has given me a new emotional language and helped me to meditate. And you (MHH) were with me through the process – you helped me when I went into freeze mode when I didn’t feel safe enough to just close my eyes and relax into meditation. Thank you!

– Helen V., April 2023

I came to MHH after 25 yrs of depression and anxiety and various other “symptoms.” I had been to 2 other alternative practitioners with several thousand dollars spent but no improvement. I found Dr. V from watching one of her masterclasses and knew after 8 years of trying other methods that the MHH approach was different and what made the most sense. It Also renewed a sense of hope that I had almost lost in resolving my issues […]

– Heather C., October 2022

Meet Your Host: Dr. Elena Villanueva

I’m Dr. Elena Villanueva, an international speaker, health influencer, and co-author of The Longevity Code — and I’ve been featured on multiple occasions on FOX News, MSN, Healthline, Houston Chronicle, and many other media outlets, as well as several documentaries.

I also teach other practitioners and have spoken and taught at events such as IMMH, Great Plains Labs, Vibrant Labs, Paleo Fx, and many others.

My expertise is teaching evidence-based approaches for finding and addressing the underlying causes of chronic illness and brain-related conditions using the most advanced approaches available today.

What you’ll find when you join me for this 5-part masterclass is that my unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality and the integration of the mind/body/spirit.

I can’t wait to support you during our time together!

What You’ll Learn During This Free, Limited-Time Series

Brain-Wasting Diseases and Mental Health Conditions: What Your Doctors Aren’t Telling You

July 21, 2024

  • Discover what your doctors are not telling you (and finally understand the REAL root causes of what’s happening to you)


  • Learn what thousands of others around the world have done to heal and what you can start doing today that is data-driven and proven to get results


  • And get a sneak peek at the research and real case studies of others who completely reversed their brain-related conditions by using Dr. V’s proven approaches to healing your brain.
Our Toxic World Is Destroying Your Brain

July 22, 2024

  • Hear how toxins make us – and our children – sick

  • Discover how to easily find out what toxins you have in your body

  • Learn how to address these toxins to recover your health, prevent illness, and better care for you and your children

Toxic Mold and Medications

July 23, 2024

  • Discover how medications were designed to be used and how they have become one of the top causes of death

  • See exactly what happens with your brain chemistry and what brain conditions and diseases happen when toxic mold is in your body

  • Take a deeper look at the science and case studies showing how medications and toxic molds — which are commonly found in our homes and workplaces — are attacking our brains, immune systems, and our gut.

  • You’ll also see how this exposure leads to decreased IQs in our children, serious mental health conditions, Autism disorders, and brain-wasting diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


The Epigenetic Causes Rooted In Food, Trauma, Emotions, and Our Environment

July 24, 2024

  • Discover YOUR genetics and the new research showing how YOU control how your genes work FOR or AGAINST you.

  • Learn how trauma, unprocessed emotions, foods, and other environmental influences tell you about your predisposition for brain and body diseases, and how these root causes can prevent you from healing.

  • Peek under the hood at some of the latest, research-backed technology used by Dr. V’s clients to see how they can alter the expression of your DNA, cells, tissues, and organs to reverse chronic diseases and conditions.
The Brain Solution: Proven Data-Driven Approaches and Strategies

July 25, 2024

  • Discover what YOU can do today to heal your brain

  • Learn what data-driven approaches are available to you

  • And, watch REAL client case studies that use the strategies, techniques, and data-driven approaches all shown to you in this masterclass!

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Your Brain & Mental Health Masterclass Series!

This Eye-Opening Series Is For You If…

Understanding the root causes of brain and mental health struggles has already changed thousands of lives, and you deserve to know the truth…


“[…]Changing my toxic lifestyle has enabled me to ween off almost all my prescribed medications. My mindful thinking is much better, after the trauma coaching and repatterning work. My sleep has improved, and I no longer have the uncontrolled emotional crying spells and my joint pain is less. My body feels as if a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders […]”

– Jana H., August 2022


“I have always believed that mental health and physical health/brain health are connected. However, it was not until joining Dr. V’s program that I was able to see just how true this is!

 By finding the root cause of my symptoms, Dr. V and her team have been able to help me tremendously! I tried so many different doctors, specialists and treatments over the past 5 years and never found relief until joining her program.

  In less than 12 months, my symptoms have reduced by more than 50%, I’ve been able to get off of sleep medication (the first time in 10 years), I’ve lost 20 pounds and I KNOW that I am on my way to continuing to improve my mental health and my chronic illness issues for good!” 

– Meagen R., March 2022


 “I decided to join Modern Holistic Health because of concerns regarding my long-term brain health. After several serious head injuries, I was left with symptoms of post-concussion, depression and anxiety. Once I developed a tremor and was told I had to wait and see if it was an indicator for something more serious, I knew I had to look for another way […] I finally feel like I am in control of my future health.”

– Debbie L., December 2021


“Two years ago, I was in a bad way. My anxiety was out of control. My heart was palpitating and I could tell I needed to up my anti-anxiety medication. I was getting to the point where I knew I would just need more and more medication to function. I didn’t feel it was helping and going on more medication was not acceptable to me. I was literally praying for something that would help me holistically […] When my last tests came back my neurotransmitters had FINALLY come into normal range!! I was elated!! […]”

– Peri B., October 2022


“I came to Modern Holistic Health after several years of specialists visits who did nothing to help me other than prescribe more and more medications which produced more and more side effects. I felt the worst I ever have in my life.  I was less than 50 years old and I was suffering with severe rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s, migraines, anxiety and depression, and hormone imbalances.

– heather c., October 2022

You deserve to know the truth about your brain and mental health…

If you’re constantly battling with your mood, energy, focus, memory, and happiness, you deserve another way. 

A way where YOU are in control, and where you’re not just “coping” — but thriving. 

I’ve spent years helping people identify the underlying causes of chronic illness and brain-related conditions using the most advanced evidence-based approaches available today…

And you won’t find the information I’m teaching you anywhere else. 

Life is supposed to be enjoyed, not spent trying to “fix” yourself or endlessly searching for answers.

So if you’re ready to drop the struggle and finally get to the most overlooked root cause of the most common brain and mental health issues…

Claim Your FREE Ticket Now Before Registration Closes!

A personal note from Dr. Elena Villanueva…

First of all, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to find answers and solutions for yourself or your loved ones.

Being sick for years makes many want to give up on this life… I certainly have been there, and I completely understand. There were no experts who had all the answers I needed, but with God’s guidance, my education, and my willingness to look outside the box, ten years later, I have been able to experience a full recovery from my physical and mental illnesses that almost took my life.

It is by no accident that I am still here today and that my purpose here for the rest of my life is to help others like you. It’s my biggest passion and is also shared by every single member of my team, who, like me, once had major struggles with their health.

My mission has been to create data-driven, reproducible approaches to healing chronic illness, both physical and mental, and do it in the most affordable and simple way possible so that we can make the biggest positive impact possible for our brothers and sisters here on this planet. I believe we are all connected and that what we do has an impact that ripples worldwide.

My gift to you is to open your eyes to your ability to heal yourself. To help you learn and reconnect to who you really are in mind, body, and spirit and to give you the answers and solutions that really work so that you can witness your own total and complete healing.

My team and I are making a positive change in the world. We are here and excited to meet you and be a witness to your healing journey.


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